Hullabaloo! 2020 Pre-Recorded Tutorials

Below is a selection of great fun workshops and tutorials for you to get stuck into during Hullabaloo! 

  • Before you start, check out the list of materials that you will need and get them ready.  Ask a grown up to help you!

  • In the interest of safety, we encourage parents to be present at all online activities. 

Paper Collage 3.jpg

Paper Collage
with Aidan Byrne

Lots of layers, bits and pieces!  Produce an epic artwork using lots of different forms and shapes, cut and ripped from paper.

Ages 3-5yrs    


A Template

(click below for template)
Cat Outline template

Dog 1 template

Dog 2 template

Dog 4 template

Dog 5 template

Dog & Cat template

Newspaper Cat template

Also:  PVA Glue, a selection of paper or card (white, black, brown, cream), newspaper, a pencil, a black Sharpie.


3D Portraits
with Aidan Byrne

Have fun making a portrait that literally comes off the page - it can be a self portrait or a portrait of your hero.

Ages 3+
Children must be accompanied by an adult to help with cutting!



A Template

(click below for template)

3D Portrait template

Also:  Prit Stik, bright coloured backer Card A4 or A3 (A3 is better but A4 will work), a selection of coloured A4 card for face, hair, clothes, eyes and decoration, a pencil and a black Sharpie, child safe scissors.

Big Mouths
with Aidan Byrne

They are cute and fun but watch out, they've got teeth!!! Prank all your family and friends with a scary big mouth.

Ages 6-8yrs     

Children must be accompanied by an adult.


A4 or A3 white card (A3 is better but A4 will work), crayons, markers, Twistables or colouring pencils, a pencil and a black Sharpie.


Paper Plate Dragons

with Adrian Byrne

Who doesn’t love a good Dragon?  With watercolour paint, markers and imagination, this workshop makes it possible for anyone to create their own dynamic and colourful flying Dragon!

Ages 6-8yrs     


A Template

(click below for template)

Paper Dragon Template

Also:  paper plates, templates, pencils, child safe scissors, markers, child safe water colour tablets, brushes..

Jazz Dance.png

Jazz Dance

with Amy Donlon

Amy of Donlon Dance Company teaches a fabulous Jazz routine this year that is not to be missed!

Ages 6-8yrs  











Build a Brain Tutorial

with Theatre Rites

Join the makers of The Incredible Tale of Robot Boy, Theatre-Rites, for a step-by-step guide on how to build a brain using every day materials at home. 

Ages 4yrs+      


YOU WILL NEED:   A selection of different coloured Plasticine or Play Dough, tiny household objects for your brain sections.

Puzzle Theatre Puppets (Small).jpg

Homemade Puppets
with Puzzle Theatre

You can make puppets out of practically anything ...a few plastic bags, some tissues, yarn, your pyjamas, your pillow, or anything you can find around you at home.  Discover how everyday objects can become characters with hilarious personalities!



Ages 6-8yrs  



Amy Donlon Dance Like a Zombie.jpg

Dance Like a Zombie

with Amy Donlon

We’re all going to dance like Zombies, Hip Hop style with Amy!

Ages 9-12yrs  











Story Time
with Mrs. Book

Join Mrs. Book in her Book Nook as she reads a series of 4 wonderful short
pre-recorded stories to you.

Check in on our Facebook at 10am daily for a new story!

Ages 3yrs+ 

If you miss the are!!

Barty's Ketchup Catastrophe

The Incredible Sister Bridget

I Love You When

Aliens Love Underpants

Available from 28 October
Julie Forrester Stop Mo Hogie (Small).pn
Julie Forrester Cut Out Animation (Small

Let’s Animate!
Hogie’s Grand Adventures with Julie Forrester

Create your own worlds, invent characters, draw, make and model scenery and props.  Have a look at animations about Hogie Hedgehog and Morphella to get inspired and then follow the selection of tutorials to make your own.  

Claymation 6-8yrs  

Materials: Play Dough or clay

Charcoal  8yrs+

Materials:  Charcoal sticks (recommended) or pencil and eraser, strong paper or white card,cutting knife 


Cut Out 8yrs+           

Materials:   Scissors, Drawing materials - sharpies, markers, pencils, plain white Card (cereal box or other) for drawing characters, coloured paper A4 or scraps for cutting out scenery

Studio Set Up:  A shelf over a desktop, Chopsticks or rulers for balancing your Phone / Tablet with, Stopmotion Studio app installed (pro version is recommended)  Phone or Tablet balanced on chopsticks on the shelf pointing down at desktop below.

Zoom Workshop Templates

Check out the selection of live workshops available HERE.  You may need to access some of the templates below