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Hullabaloo! 2021 Pre-Recorded Tutorials

Below is a selection of great fun workshops and tutorials for you to get stuck into during Hullabaloo! 

  • Before you start, check out the list of materials that you will need and get them ready.  Ask a grown up to help you!

  • In the interest of safety, we encourage parents to be present at all online activities. 

Shadow Puppet 2 - Niamh Lawlor Puca Puppets.jpg
Make a Shadow Puppet
with Niamh Lawlor of
Puca Puppets

Be transported to the Púca Puppet studio where Niamh Lawlor and her shadow puppet Mary Mary will help you create your own shadow puppets at home using recycled materials. 

From Fri 29 Oct 4pm - Sat 30 Oct 4pm

Ages 5-10yrs

No longer available for viewing!

fits like a sock 4.png
Fits Like a Sock!
with Jemma Curran

Lets teach you how to make sock puppets from items that you have lying around your home, while also exploring the exciting world of meeting new people with Jemma and Barnaby.

Ages 3-5yrs



You just need a sock, but you can add googly eyes, pipe cleaners, anything really! You will also need some tape or blue tack to stick things onto your puppet.

Cardboard Tower - Denise Kehoe LR.jpg
Make a Cardboard Tower
with Denise Kehoe

Explore structure in a fun and easy way to make your own colourful, cardboard sculpture without using glue - so get ready and let's get creative!

Ages 3-12yrs



Cardboard, a pair of scissors, markers, paints and/or pens, paper and objects to draw around.

Help Béirín Beag Buí have sweet dreams by making a colourful Dream Catcher.  
Lullaby Films to inspire the work can be viewed before and after the activity, presented in association with short films Béirín Beag Buí and Béirín Beag Buí i dTír na Síog available through the RTE Player.

From Fri 29 Oct 4pm  until

Sat 30 Oct 4pm

Ages 4-6yrs



No longer available for viewing!


Materials Dream catcher cropped (Small).jpg
Make a Dream Catcher
with Niamh Lawlor
of Púca Puppets
Pumpkin Wind Chime - Rosemarie Langtry LR.jpg
Make a Pumpkin 
Wind Chime
with Rosemarie Langrty

Make a spooky but friendly companion to keep you company this Halloween.  Let’s create an easy to make Pumpkin Wind Chime to greet all of the ghouls that visit your door!

Ages 3-5yrs

Materials you need:  Paper plate (9 inches), pen, pencil, pencil pair and rubber, child safety scissors, Pritt stick or glue, cellotape.  Paint: Orange, Green, Black and White.  If you don’t have orange or green paint: Yellow and Red = Orange, Blue and yellow = Green.  Jar for water, cloth to dry brush, old magazines, string or wool.

Scary Tree - Rosemarie Langtry LR.jpg
Make a Halloween Tree
with Rosemarie Langtry

Let’s get into the ‘spirit’ and create a Scary Halloween tree using creepy recycled and spine-chilling natural materials!

Ages 6-8yrs

Materials you need:   Scissors, PVA Glue or Pritt stick, medium branch of a tree, jam jar or container to stand branch in, small stones or sand, string or glue, white card or paper, cereal box, white, black and orange paint, paint brush, jar for water, tissue or cloth to clean brush.

Circus performers juggle lots of different shapes such as Clubs, Balls and Rings. These are all solid so they can catch them easily. But, can you juggle a liquid? Aoife and Maria show you how!

Ages 5-12yrs  

See also our Circus Science Show!

Materials you need:  Please also refer to activity sheet 

Custard Juggling - Strongwomen Science LR.bmp
Custard Juggling! with Strongwomen Science

Everything has a centre of gravity. So long as the centre of gravity of an object is above the point on which it is balanced, it will stay balanced. Aoife and Maria show how to experiment to find the centre of gravity.

Ages 5-12yrs     


See also our Circus Science Show!

Materials you need:  Cellotape, scissors, old newspaper and a hard surface to lean on (table or floor) to make your balancing stick.
please also refer to activity sheet


Photo credit to Ian Georgeson 

Strongwomen Science 2  photo credit Ian Georgeson - Circus250.jpg
Balancing Tips and Tricks
with Strongwomen Science
Strongwomen Science photo credit Ian Georgeson - Circus250.jpg
Using Engineering
To Make Stuff with Strongwomen Science

Engineering is the use of science and maths to design, plan and build things. A car, a house, a computer – they’re all the result of engineering. Circus performers use engineering a lot. They might use it to create an act or make a prop. Aoife and Maria show how to research, plan and build poi buckets.

Ages 5-12yrs      


See also our Circus Science Show!

Materials you need:  Water, scissors or something pointy like a screw, a plastic container (a large yogurt pot will do), string.


Please also refer to activity sheet


Photo credit to Ian Georgeson 

Would you like to know how physics can make you skip faster?  Tune in to help give you an advantage over your friends!

Ages 5-12yrs     


See also our Circus Science Show!

Materials you need: 
just a Skipping Rope!

Photo credit to Ian Georgeson 

Physics of Skipping - Strongwoman Science.bmp
The Science of Skipping!
with Strongwomen Science

Inspired by our ‘In Trolland’ show (See our Online Family Shows), this workshop helps you can create your own Wind, Stone and Sea Trolls!

Ages 3-12yrs

Materials you need:   Paper cups, leftover plastic cups, pipe cleaners, clothes pegs, paper napkins, choice of decorations (stickers etc.), buttons, Google Eyes, Sellotape, double sided tape, scissors (Adult/Child sizes), ball of wool, wooden or biodegradable cutlery, paper, cake cases, tealight (battery led), Hole Puncher, cotton wool.    

In Trolland - Cliodhna Noonan (Small).jpeg
How to Make a Troll
with Cliodhna Noonan  

Please join artist and youth facilitator Kaya Brennan in learning the fun and simple process of making your own natural inks and art materials at home, using everyday plant materials.

Ages 6-12yrs 

Materials you need:  Plant Material, chopping board, knife, old saucepan (ideally one you no longer use for food), heat (use of a kitchen stove), wooden spoon, Sibh, distilled white vinegar, salt cloves, Gum Arabic (easily bought in most art stores or online), clean jar. Suggested plant materials are: avocado skins, onion skins, beetroot, red cabbage, spinach, berries, turmeric, grass, acorn caps, leaves ... please experiment and use any plants that catch your eye and see what type of inks they make!   

Plant Ink 1 - Kaya Brennan.jpg
Make your own Natural Ink with Kaya Brennan

A fun family time where Adriana takes us on a wondrous variety of folkloric, international and modern songs in 4 pre-recorded and easy sing alongs.

Ages 3-5yrs      

Gute Nacht 

Swan Arising Eng Ger Ch

Swan Arising Choroi Instruments

Swan Arising Woodwind 

Family Sing Along
with Adriana von Runic
5 Little Ducks Family Music - Adriana von Runic.bmp

Snuggle up for some Spooky Stories! Join us for some gruesome Grimm tales and the magical music of Schumann's Fairytale Pictures for viola (Andreea Banciu) and piano (Aileen Cahill). 

Ages 5+yrs

Maeve, Ronan and the Witches
Ages 7+yrs


The Robber Bridegroom
Ages 9+yrs.

Spooky Stories 3 - Aileen Cahill.jpg
Spooky Stories
with Aileen Cahill

Join Melanie for this story time about a little girl who finds a cute furry 'beast' near her home... and find out what the little beast makes of the girl in this fun and unusual tale!

Ages 3 to 8

A Tale of Two Beasts with Melanie.jpg
A Tale of Two Beasts
read by Melanie
Offaly Libraries


 Mr Happy is having a Halloween party. A Halloween fancy dress party with spooky decorations, ghoulishly good treats and creepy costumes! Mr Happy is a vampire, Little Miss Magic is a witch, but who is the mysterious ghost?

Ages 3 to 8

Mr Men Halloween Party with Aisling LR.jpg
Mr Men's Halloween Party read by Aisling
at Offaly Libraries

Claudia reads us this lovely story with all the facts for small kids about hedgehogs and hoglets.


Ages 3 to 8

Say Hi to Hedgehogs LR.jpg
Say Hi to Hedgehogs
read by Claudia
at Offaly Libraries
Harry the Hedghog Craft with Deirdre LR.jpg

Deirdre takes you step by step through making this cute hanging Hullabaloo! Harry the Hedgehog! Pick up your craft pack with all the bits needed to make your own hedgehog in any Offaly Library.

Ages 3 to 12

Harry the Hedgehog
Craft Tutorial with Deirdre
at Offaly Libraries
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